The Best method to Safeguarding Your Financial Assets – Use a Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are a safe, more secure and convenient alternative to traditional debit and credit cards alike while also standing in as a more convenient substitute to using to using cash.

Since prepaid cards operate just like conventional credit and debit cards, customer using them will be able to withdraw from ATMs, complete in-store transactions as well as make purchases online similar to that of traditional cards. In tandem with these conveniences prepaid cards are also a safer and more secure solution that offers exceptional protection to you and your financial dealings. Presented below are five methods in which utilising a prepaid card can aid and safeguarding your financial assets:

Prepaid Card

Travelling with Prepaid cards

Ever presently, prepaid cards are becoming the favoured method of payment for customer that plan to travel abroad. This is due to its straight forward and uncomplicated application, whereby you may simply purchase your card of choice, pre- load it with traveling and expenditure money, then use it just like any other card throughout your holidays.

Additional benefits to using prepaid cards while you are travelling abroad is that they are as protected and are as secure as traditional cards while being more convenient to conceal and carry than cash. In comparison to using credit and debit cards, a prepaid card that is lost or stolen only holds the possible risk equal to the amount of money loaded into the card and is not connected to any of your other accounts nor credit facilities, reducing the likelihood of further damage. The distinct contrast to using a prepaid card to cash is that if your card is lost or stolen, you can easily contact the issuing card company to block your card and all further transactions. Depending on your service provider, you may be able to acquire a replacement for your card in short order.

Prepaid Cards and Online Shopping

Customer fraud has increased rapidly in the recent years making online shoppers more susceptible to loss. The use of prepaid cards through online purchases will effectively alleviate the risks involved.

The value of prepaid cards to decrease the vulnerability of consumer fraud cannot be understated as it reduced the amount of potential risk to its user. Since debit and credit cards are fundamentally linked to your bank account or a line of credit, in the possible event of fraud, there is a greater amount of hazard in losing your savings or diminishing your established credit. The use of a prepaid card adverts this form of impairment due to the limiting factor of the amount that has been stored into the card with no additional loss.

No Credit Check When Using Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards applications do not require credit checks unlike other commonly used cards making them easier to obtain and safer to use. As these credit checks generate a footprint or indication on your credit report, which may then be accessed and viewed by other lenders. This means that they can calculate your credit score based on your expenditures, which can then create a negative bearing on your future dealings.

No Debt on Prepaid Card Transactions

It is impossible to expend more credit than what you have previously placed in your prepaid cards. This means you may only spend an amount equal to what has been pre-loaded into them, unlike debit and credit cards which permit you to consume more than their value which results in overdraft fees, additional incurred debts, and consequently a bad credit.

You’re in control with Prepaid Cards

The utilisation of reusable prepaid cards makes it uncomplicated and straightforward when controlling your expenditures depending on your allocated budget. It is a common case for consumers to overspend when using credit cards due to the accessibility of available credit which may later come with its drawbacks. On the other hand, the use of prepaid cards is simple and uncomplicated when managing your finances, as you will only be able to access the amount previously loaded on your card. Once a card’s internal balance has decreased to zero value, it must be loaded into once more, this acts as an emergency built-in constraint on overspending.

The benefits of prepaid cards are ample and puts you in full control of all your financial dealings, making them the most protected and recommended solution for managing all your daily expenses.