The Best Way to Get Into Driving

In a world emerging from the horrors of the pandemic, it is important that people resume doing the things that they were passionate about before COVID struck the world. Most people have a hobby that they love to do, be it collecting trading cards or gambling at the best casinos, everyone will have something. Cars especially have proven to be not just a mode of travel but a lifestyle, and many interested teens across the world will eagerly be awaiting the day they are of legal age and can finally drive a car. But what is the best way to get into driving?

The first aspect one should consider is of course price. The most cost-effective way into driving would be to buy a very cheap car and some learner plates and then let a family or friend teach in that car. This way has the advantage of making lessons cost zero, with the only expenses being the car and the plates. This would appeal to those who do not have a large cash flow but does entirely depend on someone having the time and willingness to teach someone else. Further, if an adequate amount of research on current learner practice is not carried out the learner may not be taught things that will come up in their test, as the person teaching may have an outdated view from when they learned to drive.  Continue reading “The Best Way to Get Into Driving”

Choosing a course of Driving Lessons

You can save both time and money by making sure the course you choose suits your needs and abilities. Keep reading this article and find out what choices you have when choosing a course of driving lessons.

What are the options?

Hourly Tuition

What is it? This is the traditional and most popular method of learning to drive. A qualified instructor would give you a one-to-one in-car tuition that usually lasts for one hour, once or twice a week. The training period would continue for as long as you and your instructor consider necessary.

Advantages: Using this method, you will be given as much time as you need to get to grips with driving and will have plenty of opportunities to practice your road skills with family and friends in between lessons. This method affords great flexibility to those with hectic lifestyles as lessons can be scheduled to fit with your own timetable.

Disadvantages: Not always the most time and cost-efficient way of learning to drive. It is important to keep sessions regular so as not to slip back. Faster methods exist for those in a hurry to pass their driving test.

Suits: Total beginners, cautious learners and/or those with busy, demanding lives who can afford to take their time learning to drive.

Home-based Intensive Driving Course

What is it? An intensive course is an accelerated version of the traditional ‘weekly lesson’ method. The learner receives multiple hour-long sessions within a short space of time and is exposed to intensive driving.

Advantages: Tends to be the fastest, most cost-effective method for confident drivers with previous experience of the roads. Many such courses include a practical driving test as part of the package.

Disadvantages: This is a high-pressure style of course which can increase the risk of failure. Students do not have as much opportunity to consolidate their learning in between lessons and tend to clock up fewer hours behind the wheel in total. A less-rounded training can sometimes result from the pressure to achieve a pass in a short space of time. Learners must be free to dedicate a considerable amount of their time to driving for the duration of the course. Many instructors require students to have passed their theory test before embarking on this type of training, leaving them free to concentrate on practical driving.

Suits: Confident drivers and people who respond well to pressure; those in a particular hurry to obtain a driving license. You can visit for more information on everything you need to pass your driving test. They offer affordable courses that suits all driving skills. Continue reading “Choosing a course of Driving Lessons”

How to Read a Tyre Sidewall

A tyre’s sidewall has a plethora of information listed. This article will illustrate how to decipher the majority of the information listed on the sidewall. This article will also show how to convert the more common metric sizing method into inches for overall height, width and sidewall height. Besides tyre sizing, there are many safety related markings on a tyre’s sidewall that will be covered. Cheap tyres can be found online by visiting Europe´s biggest online retailer –

Reading Tyre Size on the Sidewall

The size can always be found on both sides of the tyre sidewall. Using the correct size for the vehicle is important for safety, fuel economy and ride characteristics. Under most circumstances the tyre size should be the same for all four wheels. Tyres should always be the same size on the same axle. The correct tyre size for the vehicle can also be found on a tag on the inside door jam of the vehicle,

For illustration purposes, the following tyre size will be used to demonstrate tyre type, size, speed and load range. The tyre size listed below is how it would appear on a tyres sidewall.

P205/60R16 98S

  • P stands for a passenger rated tyre, T would be temporary spare and LT would indicate light truck.
  • 205 stands for the road surface width in millimeters
  • 60 indicates the aspect ratio for the sidewall height to the width. In this example the sidewall height would be 123 millimeters (60% of 205)
  • R stands for radial
  • 16 indicates the wheel size or inside diameter of the tyre in inches
  • 98 indicates the load index, LT load ranges would be an alpha designation like C D or E.
  • S indicates the speed rating

Calculating Tyre Height and Diameter in Inches

To convert millimeters to inches simply multiply times .03937. In the above example size, the sidewall height in inches would be 4.84 inches (123 X .03937). To get the overall height or diameter of the tyre double the side wall height and add the wheel size. This method of calculation can be used for tyre plus sizing to get the same height of the original tyres.

4.84 + 4.84 + 16.00 = 25.68 or approximately 25 5/8 of an inch

Reading DOT Quality Codes on the Tyre Sidewall

The U.S. Government developed a Uniformed Tyre Quality Grading (UTQG) system that is printed on the sidewall. This grading system shows the uniformed tests of three safety categories. These safety scores can be found on the tyre’s sidewall.

  • Treadwear
  • Traction
  • Temperature

Treadwear grade shows treadwear life. The grades are generally graded from 60 to 800, with 800 being the best.

Traction is based on the tyre’s ability to stop in a straight line, on wet pavement with a locked wheel. Tyre traction grades range from AA to C with AA being the best.

Temperature grade shows the tyre’s ability to dissipate heat. Temperature grades range from A to C with A being the best.

There are also sidewall markings for mud and snow tyres, usually marked with M & S. Snow tyres that are rated for severe weather winter conditions have a special marking. Tyre sidewall markings can help the car owner choose the right car or truck tyre for their vehicle application.

The Best method to Safeguarding Your Financial Assets – Use a Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are a safe, more secure and convenient alternative to traditional debit and credit cards alike while also standing in as a more convenient substitute to using to using cash.

Since prepaid cards operate just like conventional credit and debit cards, customer using them will be able to withdraw from ATMs, complete in-store transactions as well as make purchases online similar to that of traditional cards. In tandem with these conveniences prepaid cards are also a safer and more secure solution that offers exceptional protection to you and your financial dealings. Presented below are five methods in which utilising a prepaid card can aid and safeguarding your financial assets:

Prepaid Card

Travelling with Prepaid cards

Ever presently, prepaid cards are becoming the favoured method of payment for customer that plan to travel abroad. This is due to its straight forward and uncomplicated application, whereby you may simply purchase your card of choice, pre- load it with traveling and expenditure money, then use it just like any other card throughout your holidays.

Additional benefits to using prepaid cards while you are travelling abroad is that they are as protected and are as secure as traditional cards while being more convenient to conceal and carry than cash. In comparison to using credit and debit cards, a prepaid card that is lost or stolen only holds the possible risk equal to the amount of money loaded into the card and is not connected to any of your other accounts nor credit facilities, reducing the likelihood of further damage. The distinct contrast to using a prepaid card to cash is that if your card is lost or stolen, you can easily contact the issuing card company to block your card and all further transactions. Depending on your service provider, you may be able to acquire a replacement for your card in short order. Continue reading “The Best method to Safeguarding Your Financial Assets – Use a Prepaid Card”

What to Ask Your potential SEO Consultant/Expert

For many people, search engine optimization is a very elusive field of internet marketing. Due to the general lack of information of people about SEO, it is a fertile ground for charlatans, frauds and simply incompetent people who advertise themselves as SEO experts and want to take your good money for their sub-par services. In this article we will try to suggest some possible questions you can ask at the interview when you decide whether to hire an SEO consultant. If the answer to any of these questions is unsatisfactory according to your criteria, you will know that you are not talking with the right candidate.

Ask for references and testimonials

If your future consultant is someone in whose abilities you are supposed to have trust, ask if he can name you a couple of past clients which could confirm their services were satisfactory and give recommendation. Although clients of SEO experts do not like to talk about this in public, in private conversation they will most likely be willing to tell you their opinion about your candidate. Continue reading “What to Ask Your potential SEO Consultant/Expert”

Paris Destinations: Discovering the darker side of the city

When you think of Paris, you can always associate it with culture, art, and fashion but did you know that the City of Lights also has some macabre sights. Explore Paris beyond all the glitter and look into the city’s grisly history and underground wonders.

Les Catacombes

The Catacombs paris
Beneath the streets of Paris is one of the most popular dark destinations in France, The Catacombs. This is not for the faint of heart. The stairs leading to the underground tunnels can easily trigger claustrophobia. During the late 18th century, the underground tunnels were used to house exhumed bodies from the cemeteries of Paris. The bones of the dead were arranged after several decades so they will look more organized. If you want to explore this, be ready for the really long lines.

Musee Dupuytren

Musee Dupuytren

This museum gives you an insight to the most frightening illnesses known to our species. The wax models of human anatomy and other specimens can be traced back as early the 1800s. You can see brains in big jars or tumors that are very detailed that even you cannot imagine how can they even grow there.

La Conciergerie

La Conciergerie

You might be amazed by the beautiful arches of this old palace but remember that beneath the floor you are walking on are the dungeons that witnessed the bloodiest history of France. It was a blood-soaked part of the country’s history. Thousands were executed during the French Revolution and those who awaited their death sentence were imprisoned at the La Conciergerie.


Parisian cemeteries
You might be surprised with how many travelers flock to Parisian cemeteries. Amid the crowd you will also find artists, lovers, and other curious souls. Do some research and you will find where Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Samuel Beckett, Charles Baudelaire, or Oscar Wilde are resting.

Why Travel Insurance is a Must

Many people avoid buying travel insurance, either because they can’t be bothered or they see it as a waste of money. However, insurance for your travels can end up saving you loads of money, and if you shop around carefully, you could find yourself getting annual cover for around £1 per month.

  1. You’re covered if anything happens

Although it’s not likely that anything will happen to you if you take the necessary precautions, you are never in control of your flight getting cancelled, your belongings getting stolen or that horrible feeling when you realise that your luggage isn’t going to make it off the plane. You should never think that you won’t encounter any problems while on your holiday. If nothing happens to you, then you can thank you lucky stars. If it does, you’ve been sensible enough to get insurance and cover yourself against mishaps.

Travel Insurance

  1. You’ll have peace of mind

Who wants to go on holiday with the worry of losing hundreds of pounds if something goes wrong? With the right travel insurance, you can rest assured that even if something does happen, you’re covered and will be reimbursed for the money that you’ve lost out on. This will allow you to enjoy your holiday and quality time with loved ones, without having that niggling voice in the back of your mind.

  1. You can’t predict illness or accidents

If something terrible happens while you’re in another country and you have to get rushed off to hospital, you could find yourself paying thousands of pounds just to get treated for your injuries or illnesses. To think that you could have saved yourself all that trouble by taking out an insurance policy will haunt you for the rest of your life, and you’ll never travel without it again!

  1. You don’t have to pay a lot and get the best insurance

While many people are tempted to go for the ‘best’ policies, which covers medical insurance up to £10 million and lost baggage up to £2 million, these aren’t necessarily the most ideal options. Medical insurance is pretty much never going to cost you that much in any case, and your lost baggage is unlikely to be worth more than a few hundred pounds. Go for a cheaper policy which covers everything you need rather than opting for a more expensive policy just for the sake of it.

DIY at Home – Money Saving Tips

It’s a well known fact that hiring professional help for home improvements or small renovations can make a serious dent in your wallet. It’s a catch 22, as often we spend a lot of time within the home, so want it looking its best, but the cost implications can be a little off putting. This doesn’t have to be the case, there are some great ways to utilise what you have around you and improve your home on a modest budget. CNM Online; a leading heating and washroom specialist, have shared their top ideas for sprucing up your abode without breaking the bank.


Plan! Before you start any work, make sure you’ve got a clear plan of what you want. This is the same for any purchases you may need to make, ensure you’ve got measurements and know exactly what you’re looking for. The last thing you want is to either have to decorate more than once, or repurchase things as they don’t fit.


Shop Around! You can’t just go for the first bits and pieces you see, even if they are exactly what you’re looking for, you’ve got to be resourceful. Large home stores and supermarkets often won’t have the best prices. Take down the name and brand of the products you like and get yourself onto google. Internet shopping is a great way to save money.


Be Thrifty! You may be able to repurpose instead of replacing some items around the home. Again, the internet is your best friend here. Get yourself onto Pinterest for some inspiration and ‘how to’ guides. You might not need to replace your kitchen table, you may be able to just paint it. You can sometimes find real gems on the freebie or bargain pages too, so make sure you’re checking them regularly.


HELP! You shouldn’t always do it completely by yourself. There may be some jobs which are a little out of your current skill set, but before you pay mega bucks and hire a professional, put the word out about what you need doing. Facebook is great for this, as you may have lost touch with an old family friend who is a jack of all trades, and doesn’t mind putting a few shelves up in return for a cooked dinner and nice bottle of wine. You’ll be surprised with how generous people can be, and you could save a packet.

Don’t Rush

Don’t Rush! If you’re in a rush, you’re almost always likely to spend more money. Try to give yourself a realistic timeframe for things to be completed in, and do it in stages. We aren’t saying to half decorate then leave it for 6 months, but you don’t have to have completely transformed your home within a few weeks. Take it a room at a time, and have a clear list of things you need and what you’re wanting to achieve.

Understanding Roof Pitch and Its Overall Importance

Handling roof installations and repairs isn’t for the faint of heart. But even if you’re going to let a licensed roofer take care of your needs, that doesn’t mean that you get to ignore the process entirely. There are still some terms and procedures that you should understand. This is because if you don’t know anything about the roof, you could be getting the wrong estimate…and not know it at all. When it comes to most homeowners, they want to absolutely know that the repairs they’re requesting are the ones that they actually need. Contractors want to bill honestly, because they want you to tell all of your friends about the incredible service that you received.

Roof Pitch

So what do you really need to understand? Roof pitch. No, we’re not saying that your roof has a song or anything like that. We’re talking about the measurement of your roof’s overall slope. It’s the number of inches for the vertical rise over the horizontal “run”. So if you have a 4/12 roof, it means that the roof rises 4″ for every 12 inches it runs. The run is usually always going to be about a foot long. If you can get to the top of your roof, then you can just take the measurements. But if you can’t get to the top of the roof, you can take the measurements you need from the end of the rafters. Either way, you should get similar results. Continue reading “Understanding Roof Pitch and Its Overall Importance”

South Africa is a Great Idea for an Early Fall Holiday

Out of travel ideas? Wondering where you should take your next holiday? If you’re online looking for ideas, you really can’t go wrong with a holiday to South Africa. It’s a great country that has a rich history, and there’s plenty for you to do. Let’s take a look at why South Africa is so interesting.

South Africa

Right now, South Africa is experiencing a nice spring/summer type of season, where there’s a bit of rain but still plenty of sun. For holidaymakers in the UK, this would be an excellent time to view South Africa. The weather is mild and you’ll be able to wear plenty of loose, light clothing. Want to go swimming in September? South Africa should definitely be on your list.

Did you know that the country has 11 official languages? This is a diverse place where many groups all home. If you think that Italy is the only place in the world that can do wine aside from Greece, you might be pleasantly surprised by South Africa’s native wine selections.

There are direct flights from the UK to South Africa, and there are usually good deals around this time of year for travel to the African country. Worried that this is a poor country with no infrastructure? That’s not true at all. If you’re traveling to Cape Town or Johannesburg, you’ll find that you’ll see many of the same amenities that you’d enjoy back in your hometown, if not a few more.

Cape Town
South Africa is a country divided into 9 different provinces, much the way Canada is divided into different regions. If you’re going to Johannesburg, you’ll be going to the Gauteng province. If you’re going to Cape Town, you’ll head to the Western Cape province. By the way, Cape Town is where the South African Parliament is located. Continue reading “South Africa is a Great Idea for an Early Fall Holiday”